Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

+ Time savings
+ Cost savings
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What Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) are and what they are for

Electronic Shelf Labels

The Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) is an electronic device that displays information, advertising, prices and other messages.

It enables logistics professionals, retail surfaces, or any other business that uses paper labels to instantly and accurately make price changes and promotions at any time for any store product from a centralized server.

The Solution to the Label and Paper Problem

They solve the problem of constantly printing new labels due to changes in prices, promotions, etc.

With Electronic Shelf Labels this process is automatic, with a Wi-Fi wireless system, and using the company’s own billing software, the desired changes are made.

With this system, in a few minutes it is possible to update thousands of labels in a store.

Benefits of Smart Electronic Shelf Labels

Cost Savings

  • Smarter prices that reduce labor costs;
  • Paperless operations reduce operating costs.

Management Optimization

  • Always up-to-date pricing, better shelf management, picking order management saves 60% of workload;
  • Provides a reminder of product warranty, effective promotion management;
  • Check the status of the product through your smartphone, in real time.

Operational efficiency

  • React quickly to any promotion strategy with the ESL system in stores;
  • The QR code displayed on the label screen can be used to apply online coupons and other marketing activities.

Shopping Experiences

  • More content can be displayed on the e-tag;
  • Add more values to the client by using LBS NFC APP;
  • More interactions with customers.

Marketing Influence

  • “Smart Retail” enhances the brand reputation of retailers in the market;
  • Our ESL solution is the bridge to the future IOT.
The strategic weapon of the future

Electronic Labeling

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