Led Panel Certification by ISQ

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ISQ Tagus Park

On 22-06-2020, we received with positive distinction the certification made by ISQ that the led panels produced are under the required standards for outdoor, ie the IP65 index and with approved luminance.

For this, the following tests were carried out:

A test to measure the input power of the device will be carried out, being in the condition of maximum consumption, which presumably will happen when the luminous intensity is maximum, with the panel in white color. The measurement will be carried out using the rated voltage of the power grid (230V).
Tests for resistance to the penetration of solids and liquids will be carried out according to the IP65 index, or another one indicated by the client, according to the EN 60529 standard: “Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)”, taking into account what is referred to in section 9.2 of standard EN 60598-1: “Luminaires – Part 1: General requirements and tests”.
The sample (s) will be subjected to the luminance measurement test (cd / m2)

The results were excellent.

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