Advertising LED Panels

Indoor and Outdoor Solutions

Indoor 4.8 pixels

Ideal for advertising campaigns in interiors of commercial galleries, shops and exhibitions. Its large size and brightness make the panel an excellent advertisement for digital signage and advertising in general.

  • Advertising content
  • Smart signaling
  • Traffic information
  • Exceptional signaling
  • Notices and alerts
  • Centralized remote access
  • Weather Information
  • LED Panel Divisions
  • Clock and calendar
  • RSS Feeds
  • Centralized management
  • Several different entitlements

Outdoor 5.9 pixels

LED panel system designed for commercial lettering and to complement traditional lettering. The capabilities of this panel allow you to display video and text in broad daylight with full clarity.

  • Front/rear maintenance
  • System without fans. (Silent)
  • It works at low temperatures (20-45ºC)
  • Reduced power consumption (up to -50%, up to 500W/m²)
  • Calibration system
  • Advanced Display Technology
  • High refresh rates
  • Automatic image saturation control
  • Automatic brightness level control

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